Who live streams hot Kiwi girls, living & partying in a Mansion 24/7? We do!

In association with Calendar Girls and CGsLive.com, The CG Mansion round 3 kicks off on June 1st 2021.
The CG Mansion is fancy AF and we’re inviting a few lucky CGsLive cam girls to help us give our fans an exclusive look into what happens behind the gates of New Zealands most talked about mansion. Watch the gorgeous girls live their best life in an actual mansion, streamed live.
From pool parties to pillow fights… what could possibly go wrong?! 

Want to be a CG’s Mansion Girl?!

Live the dream in 2021! APPLY NOW to be part of CG Mansion 2021 – The Winter Edition and enjoy up to 12 weeks of luxury and non-stop fun. We’ll be inviting the lucky girls to stay, so send your hottest snaps and share your profile on social in the coming weeks to boost your chances!