We’re already getting ready for Round 3! Want to be invited to stay at the CG Mansion 2021 – The Winter Edition?
We have limited spots up for grabs and will be inviting girls who stream on CGSLIVE.COM to join us and stay.
Some for the full 12 weeks, and others as short-term guests for a week at a time.

Whether you’re already part of the CG family or you’ve never stepped foot in one of our clubs, or streamed online before, ALL are welcome to apply.
Invited girls will be expected to stream from the Mansion each night, then enjoy the perks of all that it has to offer throughout the day.

Applying is EASY
Ready to live it up in the CG Mansion in 2021? Simply fill in the application below and then pack your bikini, girl! Once approved, your profile will be loaded.

Remember, we’ll be listening to our fans so make sure you get your followers to tell us how much they love you!

Applications can be submitted at any time.
Successful applicants will be contacted mid May 2021, with their CG Mansion stay commencing on 1st June 2021.
Got a question? Simply email [email protected]

There are 2 steps to submitting your application.

First: Fill out the application form below. This gives you a chance to tell the world a bit about yourself. This will be made public (except the personal info marked) on your profile, so don't be shy!

Make sure to add to your safe senders list in your email!

Second: Upload between 6 & 15 photos of yourself. Make sure we can see your face. These shots are what will be uploaded to your public profile. Include a copy of some ID for proof of age (this won't be made public). Feel free to include a video that we may want to use as well. Submit this by following the link below the application form.