10 Spots Up for Grabs!
The CG Mansion is located in Christchurch and has TEN spots available for 2020. We’re calling for women nationwide to join us for 12 weeks of luxury and non-stop fun!

Whether you’re already part of the CG family or you’ve never stepped foot in one of our clubs before, ALL are welcome to apply. Dancers, lawyers, waitresses, nurses, flight attendants, showgirls, influencers and teachers… here’s your chance to live your best life and experience a summer you’ll never forget!
You’re free to come and go during the day, and the only requirement is to spend at least 6 nights per week at the Mansion where you will interact with our Members via chat & cams on CGsLive. (And make yourself some extra $$$ by getting tips too!!

If you work in a CG Club, then you’re still able to work at nights – If you have a day-job in Christchurch, then you can carry on working.
If you have mates in Chch, then there’s a chance they can join you for pool parties and fun –
Living in the mansion is about making the most of this Spring!


Applying is EASY
Ready to live it up in the CG Mansion? Simply fill in the application below and then pack your bikini, girl! Once approved, your profile will be live on the website ready for votes.

Remember, we’ll be giving our fans the chance to vote in their favourite girls, so send your hottest snaps, wow us with your video application, and share your profile on social in the coming weeks to boost your votes!

Applications must be submitted before 31 July 2020 when public voting commences. Our top 10 girls will be confirmed in August 2020, with their CG Mansion stay commencing in September 2020.
Got a question? Simply email [email protected]