Chanel Avory Secrets




Sexual Preference:


Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Stripper/Showgirl/Adult x content creator/Camgirl

Special Talents:
I can touch my elbow with my tongue! Can do impressive splits


Traveling, I love hustling. Not only for the money but Hustling cause I love novelties. (Get bored fast). I love my job so much that I can get quite obsessed in Work and Creating

•I love pole dancing, and being on stage
•dressing up and being « extra ».
•I love swimming (ex competition swimmer).
•I can consider myself as almost nudist OR exhibitionist
•Hate small talks/Love deep talks
•Im vegetarian
•Your gender will never define my attraction for you.
•Weird but super cool music taste 

Are you Naughty or Nice?:
Cheeky Angel most days/Succubus demon at night

Relationship Status:

Most Embarrassing Moment:

I was on stage, got super duper excited about my show  and surely, my crazy French ass went crazy and a wayyyyyy too fast  upside down on the pole. (Dizzyyy spell )
Ahah I was literally passing out on stage. Because of my stupid excitement
I then, needed to come down of the pole (as gracefully as I could ) and go doggy style on the floor.
« Try to make it look hot Chanel, try to make it look hot… »

My whole body was shaking so I decided to put all my efforts in giving a nice twerk show to the front row spectators for a Lil bit and went back to my show 

50% of the room didn’t notice a thing 

I was Snow white and nauseous for a good 30 min after that 

Claim to fame:

My passion for naughtiness and perseverance will surely lead me somewhere I really like 

« Nevertheless she persisted »

Why should you be in the Mansion?:

First of all!
Calendar girls was my first strip club EVER 

It’s in Christchurch that I got naked on stage for the first time ever. 
Bahahahah I didn’t even speak English well at the time.
And it’s been now 4 years “on and off”
I’ve met wonderful people at cgs that I will always come back to!
So OF COURSE!!!!! I would love to participate to the new cgs adventure!!
I love taking opportunities.


I am now living and sexy studying in Brisbane/Australia  but guess where I’m from?
So I definitely have a sexy accent and I certainly know how to play with it 
You surely need a Sexy French Maid in the mansion huh? 


Well, if you need fun you will be well served 
I’m easily bored sooooooo I always find some crazy stuff to do 
I’m a camgirl/Stripper and X-content creator, So it’s generally keeping me busy 
You’ll be able to see how I spend my time in live 

I also wanna meet new beautiful girlfriends from around the world!!!  And pillow fights that’s for sure!

The idea of being all closed up in a badass mansion is quite exciting but having spectators is even better ! 

I have now a million ideas for the creation of super naughty content 

To your votes!