Sexual Preference:


Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:


Special Talents:
Makeup and I’m not a contortionist but I can bend!

I love animals with my whole heart, any animal I see I will stop to pet, I’m a makeup freak and would love to do a makeup course as it’s a main passion of mine. I also love gaming, I’ve wanted to become a streamer for years!

Are you Naughty or Nice?:
I’m definitely a sweetheart but I can be naughty when needed

Relationship Status:

Most Embarrassing Moment:
I’ve had many embarrassing moments but when I called my primary school teacher who was quite young too “Grandma” in front of everyone at school that tops it, I felt soooo bad bc she took it to heart and it was a pure mistake.

Claim to fame:
My claim to fame? I’ve been a gamer girl my whole life so I’ve always had make interest so I’ve considered cam work ever since, and then I made my Onlyfans! I wasn’t expecting to make as much as I did, but after the first 4-5k I knew this was it, I had an active fan base so I could continue from there!

Why should you be in the Mansion?:
The CGS mansion in quite literally my dream, I wanted to start cam work in 2021 so I feel like this is my time to shine! When my friend mentioned CGS to me I was so excited, I had no clue there was even a cam girl mansion in NZ! Let alone one she was going to go to! After talking I thought I’d be the perfect unique wee fit. I’m small, sweet, super funny and fun to be around! And I’m confident! I’m an Onlyfans creator and have a decent fan base online so I know I would bring many of them to CGS! I would love to show cgs what I have to offer and hope I get to work with you in the future thank you.