Sexual Preference:


Hair Colour:
Blue and black

Eye Colour:
Silver / blue

Qualified beauty therapist

Special Talents:
I’m always doing new different things

I love to cook. Listen to absolute tunes. Always shopping online and Instore. I’m always making content for only fans and love interacting with people there.
And being a beauty therapist I love meeting new people. And I’m always getting new tattoos.

Are you Naughty or Nice?:
A bit of both mostly naughty though

Relationship Status:
Partner of 4 years

Most Embarrassing Moment:
My most embarrassing moment is one time me and my partner where about to have sex and I was trying to be sexy and get in the bed ready , only for me to completely miss the bed , fall face first onto the wooden floor and splitting my eyebrow open , what a turn on!

Claim to fame:
I’m hoping to boost my only fans as well as shoot content with everyone do collaborations all that. I don’t really have a claim to fame as of yet , except just being me really as I can be a character

Why should you be in the Mansion?:
It’s a long shot as a few people I got where actually in the mansion , I would love to just grow as a person and get out of my shell I’ve been trying to break , being my confidence all the way back up again , meet new people do new things ( even learn a few things from the girls maybe) , I’m my own character so everyone will either love me or