Sexual Preference:
men to ladies and anyone in between


Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:


Special Talents:
I can use chop sticks with both hands. I can draw portraits very fast. I can eat a lot. I have a very low pain tolerance. I won a free trip to Argentina in a sales competition (who can sell the most).

I love food and wine. I love to learn. I also do a lot of self development to try be the best version of myself (doesn’t always work). I paint/draw, I take photographs and I model a little. I do pole fitness, take Spanish lessons, do yoga. I love to cook, I love to travel; I have goals and plans to travel the world (but my plans have since come to a halt due to Covid). I am currently aiming to travel New Zealand in my new van. I have no plans for February but this.

Are you Naughty or Nice?:
I’m cheeky and you’ll never figure me out

Relationship Status:

Most Embarrassing Moment:
So many embarrassing moments, but probably the time I said to the man asking me if I wanted a bag, “no thanks, I have hands” when I was too busy texting to realise he had mechanical hands. My sister was horrified. I never went back to that store.
I will forever be dying inside over that.

Claim to fame:
My claim to fame is my drive. I have places to be and goals to kick (but really I’m hoping it will be my art over being a socialite, time will tell.)

Why should you be in the Mansion?:
You need me in the mansion because I would make the best damn content, simply. I’m entertainment +++, good and bad honey. I’m sassy and melodramatic, but i’m well calculated and sensible. I’m a kind and caring but I always look out for myself. I sing in the shower and I’m a weirdo, but I can be your fantasy. I am a wild card.
I would like to be in the mansion because:
1. I would love to live in a mansion and I would constantly be in awe.
(1.b I deserve to live in a damn mansion *clicks fingers*)
2. I would love to be in a close environment living with 10 girls – that sounds like a blast, I love making friends.
3. This sounds like an outrageous opportunity and an incredible experience, I seek those, so here I am applying – sign me up, I’m there.
4. The laughs.
5. The drama.
6. The memories.
5. I’d take bomb asf photos everywhere.
6 . Can I wear lingerie/swimsuits all the time?
7. I’m easy going and I just want to have a good time.
8. I would value this experience and make the most of my time there.
9. I would like a larger following.
10. why should I not be in the mansion??