Kendall, Auckland


CG Dancer, CGsLive Girl









Sexual Preference:
Swings both ways


Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Stripper/webcam girl

Special Talents:
I can bend fully in half and stick my head through my legs so I’m looking my asshole in the eye plus many more flexibility skills, pole skills and I can knock anyone out with the strength of my thighs.

I love reading, swimming, just recently got into gold metal detecting which is a great passtime, love pole dancing, horse riding, bit of dominatrix play here and there oh and talking shit and drinking…oh and sex clubs are always fun the kinkier the better!

Are you Naughty or Nice?:
Naughty 😉

Relationship Status:

Most Embarrassing Moment:
I have many an embarrassing moments but one awfully unique time which I think Zoe another one of the applying girl was there for very possibly but so I was at work doing my usual routine on stage and my tits were out I was feeling good and I did a pole trick where I was hanging upside down spinning getting further and further to the floor, I had super long blonde hair at the time and my hair had somehow wrapped itself around the bolts UNDERNEATH the pole so that while I was upside and spinning I could feel my neck starting to pull getting tighter and tighter till I realised I was stuck n just sort of flopped down. Still stuck, I looked at one of the girls terrified and mouthed “HELP” so her and two other girls briskly jumped on stage and attempted to claw my hair out from where it was stuck. There efforts weren’t working and I was stuck on an angle that was beginning to cause me a great deal of stress so a 4th one of the girls ran to the bar and unfortunately there were no scissors available, so she grabbed the created edged lemon knife jumped on stage and proceeded to saw me down from the pole. Once I was free I ran to the toilet to avoid the embarrassment and when I finally came out a customer was waiting for me outside the door with a fifty dollar note in his hand saying “wow I felt your pain”… So that was a thing 

Claim to fame:
My claim to fame would be…I can completely miss the last flight of stairs on a stair case with two drinks in my hand in 8 inch heels fall straight on my ass and I garuntee you not a single DROP of alcohol shall leave those glasses….also I can out drink ANY girl or guy there and that’s a challenge

Why should you be in the Mansion?:
I should be in the mansion because you can’t spell mansion without man and I am indeed the man  hahah no really tho I should be in the mansion because I’ve been in the stripping industry for 5 years now since I was 18 so im well acquainted with nzs sex industry – I’m fun, talented, super open minded, well educated, creative, free spirited, sexy, thinks outside the box and just thinks about the box in general hehe  also Im very good at dissolving drama I thrive in the face of conflict I can fight so you know there will never be a dull moment with me 😉 vote4Kenny!!